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In equipping halls, cinemas, cultural complexes or hotels, the most important step is to understand the customer’s desire and identify the real need
By preparing a comprehensive plan that includes all the necessary components, including climatic conditions; economic, cultural, social simulation is considered complete and detailed, it can create a special effect that can be used for reasonable years with minimum cost. For this purpose, the comprehensive package design and research unit includes: calculations, maps of two and 3D, it prepares detailed simulated plans that show the spaces with all the elements and execution. Sometimes the details and requirements of some projects are about 700 pages. After considering the employer’s comments and approval, the works from the design phase enter the operational process.


The most important concern of the employer is to provide the original equipment with after-sales service and a reasonable price that will meet his wishes at the end of the work. In this regard, Katiba has been able to satisfy the demands of all its employers with its investment and experience for years and has received many thanks. The variety of these equipments include: specialized light, sound and image equipment, furniture, decor and specialized system accessories. closed circuit surveillance.

the light

They mean to write the image with light, and how beautiful it is to create happy and surprising works with light, how beautiful it is to create landscapes that you only imagined before.
How beautiful it is to create happy and wonderful works with light; How beautiful it is to create scenes that have never been seen before
Imagine that you can present all the cultures and buildings of the world
With a small cost, you can simulate historical stories without the need for actors and equipment, even with light, yes only with light, or you can create images and special light effects in the night space in the desired area in the sky, or you can have a hall that Be specially lit, with the latest technology or with special effects, offer exclusive and original advertising, Katiba company can fulfill your wishes.


The incredible speed of technological progress every day improves the quality and efficiency of equipment that make life easier and more beautiful. Audio is considered one of these modern areas of technology.
In the field of audio equipment for public spaces (halls, cinemas, amphitheaters, restaurants or specialized studios) and the use of advanced equipment, Ketibah can provide you with special facilities and expert advice.
Suppose you are in a restaurant where your voice can only be heard in the space around your table, or the sound of the environment is not heard at all, or you are watching a movie in a movie theater where there is 24.1 channel sound! Or you listen to music with ARRAY equipment, Ketibah is also successful in providing all kinds of audio equipment such as speakers, mixers, subwoofers, etc. separately.


Today, the image is usually reduced to a mobile screen or television or data projector; Now imagine yourself in a space where you can have the images you want in any part of any size and any quality, whether in the car or in the spaces you want (for example, in your room or outdoors). types of image technology including holograms; data projectors, video playback and recording devices, types of professional cameras, types of urban, cinema, advertising, live broadcast screen equipment; Monitors, mixers, distributors, transmitters, receivers, overhead projectors, teleprompters, related specialized software, etc. brought us any kind of image creation in any place and time.

Conference, video conference
Simultaneous translation and intelligent systems_image

What do you think about a conference where you can vote with different and multiple options, different voices, with the possibility of self-attendance and absence, and other possibilities all at once in the conference equipment? Especially with payment without intermediaries.
Ask us for facilities such as simultaneous translation, video conference with the possibility of individual participation in it, and web conference.


Furniture, including all kinds of chairs, tables and other accessories, plays a very prominent role in shaping the work-office and residential space.
Appropriate furniture can make your place stunning and eye-catching
Choosing a standard and beautiful chair plays a key role in interior design
With the representation of reputable domestic and foreign companies, Katiba has acted very powerfully in creating this matter and customizing the customer’s demands.

Decoration and floor covering

Why repeated execution?
Why perform vertical and horizontal works?
Non-applicable executive action and without compliance with technical principles?
Why executive without coordination?
Why and why and other reasons
Decoration, the optimal use of wooden or metal accessories, in addition to the precise placement of objects, we can witness the integrity and logical arrangement.
It is possible to create an artistic and special mood by respecting the culture, the intended purpose and taking into consideration the use of the place, so as to induce both relaxation and the intended message to the audience.

floor covering
One of the honors of Ketibah is providing various modern floorings
Preparing and gathering a collection of carpets from international brands in the Katiba collection has made the customer benefit from the unique capabilities of these floor coverings, in addition to the purchasing power and choice in furnishing and decorating hotel and public spaces and even private spaces. Some of these features include: : Long-lasting flooring, anti-bacterial, anti-static and….

CCTV cameras and Mobotex accessories

Why Mobotex?
Azim Mobotix company offers a complete collection to the buyer, which has made it unique in the CCTV industry.
Learn more about some exclusive and competitive advantages of Mobotix cameras:
Free software that is equivalent to Milestone with a cost of tens of millions of Tomans, no need to get a license for each camera, no need for a computer because the camera itself creates images. It has a temperature detector, a detector for determining light intensity (Lux Noor), each Mobotex camera using the “hemospheric” technology alone is equivalent to six cameras of other brands. With Mobotex, you own all the standards. The ability to change the lens that turns the camera into another camera.

Technical advantages of Mobotex
1-It has a built-in NVR
2-It has MFS technology, which after recording the images on the internal memory (upgradable) is synced with the route given for storage.
3-No need for a supercomputer because every Mobotex camera produces images by itself and only needs a place to save.
Currently, up to 40 Mobotex cameras can be covered with a typical computer, while this number is much less for similar brands.
By compressing images 10 times more than common CCTV technologies

Specialized security systems

Specialized security systems are the most important concern in public and private spaces to ensure security along with statistical information
Katiba is proud to cooperate with the most reliable manufacturers of security monitoring devices in the world (narcotics, explosives and types of weapons and ammunition detectors) according to the customer’s order and deliver them without intermediaries.
Some inscription products are:
1- Types of truck monitoring devices
2- Types of personal monitoring and security devices
3- Types of suicide detection devices in gatherings and others from a distance of 150 meters

Specialized radio transmitters and receivers

Suppose you have transmitters that you can increase the bandwidth with just an update!
You can encrypt the information, it is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world and Jangal (electronic warfare) is not effective in it. The inscription provides this important.
A very stable mechanism that makes the system unnecessary for short-term periodical services for implementation in special weather or remote projects.

Services and updates

Superstructures such as conference halls and surveillance and security projects that have complex and advanced systems need a maintenance specialist in a certain period of time. The accurate performance of periodical services prevents irreparable damage.
What distinguishes Ketibah from others is providing repair-maintenance services in addition to equipping and creating new structures.