Imamzadeh Jafar Holy Threshold Project Conference Hall

  • Design and execution: katibe isatis
  • Employer: The holy threshold of Imamzadeh Jafar
  • Hall capacity: 1600 people

Operation done

Professional sound
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Specialized light
general light
Interior decoration

Imamzadeh Jafarizd Holy Threshold Project Conference Hall is one of the most equipped Yazd Amphitheater complexes in the main area of Yazd city and at the site of the Yazd Settlements Company building on a land area of 7500 square meters, designed and built using the latest technologies. Among the facilities of this hall, we can mention the multi-purpose conference hall for 1600 people (on two levels), four additional educational conference halls with a capacity of 110 people each, as well as smart management systems in the hall building. This hall is under the Yazd Governorate.

After consultation sessions and exchange of views, the task of designing and equipping professional sound systems, video recording and broadcasting, specialized lighting and simultaneous translation of the central conference hall and the side halls of the Yazd Governorate Hall was assigned to Isatis Inscription Company, according to the decision of the Yazd Governorate for Implementing and equipping a multi-purpose conference hall for use in various occasions such as concerts, theaters, celebrations and other gatherings in large numbers and volume, a complete and professional set of audio equipment with modern technology, powerful video recording and playback systems And the specialized lighting systems were designed and tested after implementation by advanced sound and light measurement tools to ensure optimal operation and achieving maximum efficiency of the equipment in the hall environment.

“CEO of Astan Muqaddas Imamzadeh Jafar: The special hall of the Holy Threshold of Imamzadeh Jafar project has created a suitable platform for the activities of this organization with the most up-to-date facilities for holding events and industry meetings in Yazd province.

According to the range of equipment installed in the conference hall and the control room, which use the most advanced technologies, Katiba Isatis Company conducted a theoretical and practical training course for the people who were introduced by the employer as the operator of the conference hall, so that they can Use all the features of this hall in an efficient way.

Simultaneously with the end of the operation of the Holy Threshold of Imamzade Jafar Yazd project:
Respected Managing Director of Astan Moghaddis Imamzadeh Jafar, while thanking the people involved in the operation of equipping the conference hall of this hall, said: “The hall built as one of the most equipped conference halls in Yazd city and one of the largest social and cultural complexes in the country is a suitable platform for carrying out various social, political and cultural activities”. Pointing to the unique facilities of this project, he mentioned the multi-purpose conference hall with a capacity of up to 1600 people, four additional training halls, modern sound, video and lighting systems, modern safety and danger notification systems, and favorable internal layout as strengths. They knew this hall.