Standard chair design tips

Seat depth and width
In designing a multi-purpose chair for the public, the anthropometric period should be considered
1) The depth of the seat should be suitable for small people (as long as the legs are free, the pressure on the thigh is minimized)
2) The width of the seat should be suitable for tall people
It is recommended based on the order
that the depth of multi-purpose seats should not be more than 16.8 inches equal to 43 centimeters and their width should not be less than 15.7 inches equal to 40 centimeters

The basic ways of setting up the chair
1) The space between the rows should have an empty distance of more than 30 cm from the back of the seat to the most prominent part of the back seat.
2) The number of seats between the rows of corridors should not exceed 14 seats, and the rows leading to the side aisles should not exceed 7 seats.
3) Corridors that serve 60 seats or less must be at least 75 cm wide.

Seat sole design
The comfort of the seats is also affected by the type of floor design. A flat or slightly sloping floor allows a person to stretch his legs even if the space between the rows is small. In this case, a person can make maximum use of the free space between the seat and the space. The gap created by the front back slope.
The way to prevent sciatica or flattening of the spine in the sciatica region is to use a chair that leans forward. A chair that leans forward opens the angle between the hip joint and the trunk, thus creating a more comfortable posture by increasing the angle of the back of the chair from 90 to 100 degrees to 110 degrees. The pressure on the discs is greatly reduced.

Seat height and inclination
One of the principles that everyone has accepted is that the height of the seat should be low enough to prevent additional pressure on the area under the thighs. Generally, to reduce the extra pressure, the height of the seat from the distance from the floor to the area under the thighs when a person is sitting should be less. The height of the floor of all-purpose chairs with fixed height should be 18-19 inches equal to 46-48 cm, and the front of the chair should be round and its outer edge should be soft. be

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